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SEASONAL TWIN PACK Two Wines, Paired to the Astrological Season (Delivered Monthly)

In a year, each astrological sign will enjoy its time in the Sun (quite literally). As the Sun moves through each sign, its influence is projected and universally accessible for the duration of that ‘season’. Having awareness around these energetics means living in harmony with the transits, allowing life to flow more easily. Drinking seasonally-paired vino will enable you to do exactly that. Experience the zodiac of wine in real time. A monthly pilgrimage from the comfort of your own home.

SUN, MOON, RISING TRIO Paired to your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign (Delivered Monthly)

Enjoy a monthly wine delivery paired to your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Based on your birth chart, this is the ultimate subscription to delight yourself or gift a loved one. Choose your preferred style; red, white or mixed, for a personalised journey each month. Experience your unique pairings, exploring wine and self in perfect alignment. Designed to give your soul, heart and ego the vino it desires.

DRINK-THE-ZODIAC DOZEN The Entire Zodiac Wheel (Delivered Quarterly)

Explore each astrological sign, in grape form, seasonally. The ultimate subscription in wine and sign education, delivered to your door every 3 months. Choose your preferred style; red, white or mixed, for the complete Astro Vino experience. Find comfort in the familiar and be surprised by the unexpected. Here you can get acquainted with the mysteries of the zodiac. Designed to deliver perspective and inclusivity through wine, this delicious catalyst highlights the unique characteristics of those around you.

Subscriptions are charged on the 15th of each month, with all packs dispatched by the 20th of the month. That way, you will receive your vino at the start of each new astrological season.